Safety Tips When Ordering Food Online

People prefer ordering food online because of its convenience and simplicity. With many restaurants offering food delivery services, customers need to ensure that they follow some safety tips for personal and health reasons.

Online Research

Since you will not be present when your food is being packed or delivered, ensure that you research about the restaurant you are ordering from. You can get some information from the internet or reading customer reviews on the App or website.

Delivery Instructions

When you decide what to order, make sure you fill in the correct delivery instructions such as an address, street, and gate code. If nobody is at home, you can send a picture to show where the food should be left.

Wash Your Hands

Immediately after you bring the delivery in the house, make sure you wash your hands with soap minimum 20 seconds. You can now proceed to open the food pack or box and transfer the food to your utensils. If possible, avoid eating from the delivery container to prevent contamination.

Text or Call

If you find that your delivery wasn’t as ordered, don’t hesitate to inform the restaurant for a refund or fresh order delivery.

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