Categories of Restaurants

Various types of restaurants are classified by the type of cuisine served, dress code, pricing, and mode of service. With the restaurant industry’s continued expansion, this article will focus on some common types of these dining facilities.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants are high-end facilities with a unique atmosphere and excellent service. Most follow strict dining rules and dress code must be observed, and also one needs to make a reservation. Staff members are well trained and offer patron escorts, replacing the linen napkins and holding the chair for ladies.

Casual Dining

The atmosphere at a casual dining facility is relaxing, and the food prices are moderate. The ambiance and decor will vary from one facility to another based on the customer base and the brand. The restaurants offer table service, and unlike fast-casual and fast-food, they do not use disposable utensils.

Family Style

A family restaurant is similar to casual dining. The difference is that food is served in big dishes where customers serve themselves and pass it to the next person on the table. The facility is ideal for guests with children or a group of friends. This style is prevalent with Japanese and Chinese themed restaurants.

Fast Foods

Fast foods are arguably the most common types of restaurants and include famous brands such as KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s. The restaurants are popular because of their quick service and mostly serve processed or precooked food in disposable takeaway packages. Furniture at the restaurant is simple and may consist of benches or just tables and chairs. With their primary aim being to serve as many customers as possible, customers are encouraged to spend as little time as possible.

Fast Casual

Fast-casual facilities are most popular with people who want to have a healthier bite than what fast foods serve. The food price fall bellow that of casual restaurants but higher than fast foods, offers counter service, and the environment is usually casual.

Online/Ghost Restaurants

These restaurants are also known as delivery-only restaurants and mostly partner with third parties to do the delivery. The owner does not have a brick and motor premises but displays the menu on the restaurant’s websites where customers place their orders.


Cafes are facilities that serve tea, coffee, and other small items for breakfast or lunch. Cafes can be used for different purposes, such as meeting a friend or for socializing and working.

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